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What I Remember: Tea with My Father [A Happy Memory]

What I Remember: Tea With My Father

Memories on My Father’s Birthday


Today is my father’s birthday.

He’s no longer here to celebrate it, but each year on this day, I still say a prayer and send him a wish.

It’s quiet, and it’s ours.

My whole adult life, my father was my closest friend. Even when I made mistakes, I knew I could talk about them to him. 

As an adult I never felt judged by him.

It wasn’t always like that. 

Teenage Sare was an angry, bitter girl. I resented my father for working all the time and no longer being around to play buffer between my mother and me.

I missed him joining my NJROTC drill teams on our trips, and being home with me in the evenings for dinner. I’d become a latchkey kid.

Not everything was bad though.

I can look back now and see the good things that happened during those years. 

The Past Can Be Sweet

When I was in junior high and high school, my father and I would get up early in the morning, before either of us had to leave for the day, and we’d drink Irish Breakfast tea in the quiet kitchen.

Living in the PNW meant waking up to complete darkness and rain streaking the windows. Tea was a perfect accessory to strengthen our resolve to leave the house. 

Especially on those really early mornings in high school when I had zero hour swimming. I was definitely not a morning person as a teen.

Even today I enjoy Irish Breakfast Tea

Drinking tea together was a calming ritual that made even the worst days a little easier to deal with.

That short amount of time was always a wonderful experience. 

The pang of my father’s absence still lingers in my heart; sometimes more poignant than others.

This morning was one of those moments where sweet memories I hadn’t thought of in years flooded my heart. I found it fitting that they came to me while spending time with my Heavenly Father, and drinking my morning cup of Irish Breakfast tea.

Memories Help Us Grow

Though my father is no longer physically with me, and we haven’t shared the early silence of a rain-soaked morning since I graduated from high school, those moments led to the moment I had this morning.

Everything we experience in life leaves a mark on us, whether good or bad.

These experiences with my father leave me with the desire to make similar memories with my children.

Remember today to embrace the good moments, even amid the chaos and pain of living life in this fallen world.

God doesn’t promise it will be easy, but He does promise it will be worth it.

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  1. Noooo I didnt want to cry…Me and my dad use to drank black tea with milk and sugar. I loved those moments and reading the bible. My Father passed away when I was 18 I pray he knows how much faith he installed in me. I know it is never easy losing a parent. Sending my love💜💜💜

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