Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach Certification, and Why I’m Doing It.

I love food.

That’s real.

I love food so much that I think I could happily live as a food taster.

The problem I have though, is my body.

Now, this isn’t a body-image issue.

This is an I hurt all the time and can’t bend over or walk, issue.

I discovered back, sometime around 2009, that I have severe sciatica.

This knowledge came after years of constant pain, not always being able to put pressure on my legs, and fearing I’d lose my ability to move every time I sneezed.

It took forever for the medical specialists to figure out what was wrong. Nothing was showing up on x-rays or CT scans. They even tried to do an MRI, but discovered just how claustrophobic I am.

Eventually the diagnosis became clear. It also became clear that my lifestyle needed to change.

The Problem With Lifestyle Changes: They Take Time.

Fix Approved Brownies

It has been a decade (and three more children) since this epiphany.

During that time I have tried so many different things.

Some of them actually worked, for a while.

Others didn’t.

Let me tell you, three day cleanses where you get nothing but two shakes, a salad, water, and green tea each day is not a healthy or particularly useful way to try and get fit.

In order to be healthy I thought all I had to do was workout–strengthen my core so the muscles would be stronger and I wouldn’t get flare-ups. I figured I already ate healthy, so everything should be manageable.

And, it was.

For a little while.

I would still have occasional flare-ups and find myself barely able to move, or stuck taking muscle relaxers and painkillers.

Don’t get me wrong, working out is a major requirement for me to maintain movement and a pain-free life.

However, it isn’t the only part.

Pregnancy Can Change Things

After I had my youngest daughter (Buggles) in 2016, I expected my body to bounce back the way it had after my eldest son (the Man) was born.

It didn’t.

In fact, the more I worked out the more the weight stayed put, or increased.

I tried meal replacement shakes, weight loss supplements, and cutting things out.

I even tried working out more.

Nothing worked.

Two years later and I still had the extra weight.

Then I got pregnant again. The weight I gained during this last pregnancy was gone within weeks of giving birth. Yet, those pesky pounds from the previous pregnancy still hung on.

Again, I went to the shakes.

This time they worked.

Sort of.

They worked until I started replacing them with real food again. That weight came right back, and it brought a few friends.

My body was angry.

I was angry.

Every morning it hurt to get out of bed.

Every day I was exhasuted, even if I slept for 8 hours, I couldn’t function.

All day long I was in a fog. My brain wasn’t seeming to engage. Things took longer to process, and time seemed to just disappear.

Something needed to change.

I was still working out, but that had gotten a bit sporadic. There were days when I decided to curl up, eat cookies, and not workout, because I was just too tired.

There was no energy.

The Funny Thing About Energy…You Don’t Get It By Sitting Around Eating Cookies.

Energy comes from what you put in your body.

The human body is much like an engine on a vehicle. It needs fuel to move or perform its tasks.

You don’t fill your gas fueled engine with diesel, so why would you fuel your body with the things it can’t use?

In January, I decided enough was enough. I was tired of feeling older than my age. I was tired of feeling bloated, and I was tired of the nonstop headaches.

The first step I took was to get rid of all the processed foods in the house. This was difficult for a number of reasons, none actually having to do with me.

Just because I was tired of the way I was feeling, and knew I needed to stop eating what far too often passes for food, didn’t mean anyone else in my family was on board with that.

The next thing I did was pull out my portion control containers I got five years ago when I ordered the 21 Day Fix program.

I’ll be honest, five years ago I looked at those containers, tried them for a few days, and then went back to my normal eating habits.

The workouts were great, but I figured I didn’t need an eating plan.

Welcome To My Color Coded Lifestyle

For several weeks I played around with the containers. I followed the plan included with the original workout program.


And it worked.


Those pounds were starting to slip away.

It wasn’t an overnight thing, but I started to notice the scale staying on a number and not jumping back up the next day.

About this time I found out that the eating plan had been updated and turned into an actual course I could take to dig deeper into the science behind the containers.

Let me tell you, the program was exactly what my lifestyle change was missing.

When I say program, I don’t mean “diet”. I also don’t mean magic pill, or quick fix. It isn’t packaged so someone can do it for you. It is real life.

Herb Crusted Salmon

I’ve learned what is needed to fuel my body for my goals. And just how much of certain foods I need to eat in order for my body to run without issues.

For instance, there is such a thing as too much nut butter–I know, I was shocked too.

Apparently the amount I was using in my morning oatmeal was more than I needed to have all week.


That Explained a few things.

Banana Oat Pancakes

Those colored containers look tiny, but the foods that go inside them are natural, whole foods. They’re dense and filling, and there are times when I wonder how I’m going to eat all of it.

I’m learning that eating too much or too little will throw me off, but if I follow the portions I feel great throughout the whole day.

There is so much to know when it comes to food, and so many people telling you what is best. I don’t want to be another one of those talking heads.

I just want to help people feel better, fuel their bodies, and cut out the processed crap that bogs our bodies down and makes us foggy.

Start with the first step. Make a choice to be healthier. Then get rid of the processed junk. After that, eating delicious food in the right portions is a simple thing.

So simple, even someone who dislikes cooking as much as I do, and has children who tend to be picky about their foods, can do it with ease and success.

That quaint little phrase fitness professionals like to toss around, “abs are made in the kitchen”, really is true.

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