Summer Storms (and a FREE Summer Printable) Just For You!

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”

Charles Bowden

Summer is Over-rated, Right?

Growing up in the PNW I learned early in my childhood to not expect warm weather until the last week of August.

Summer storms were a normal part of the season–the same season that lasted from October until August.

When Man-of-the-House accepted a position in the Nation’s Capitol, and we moved once again to Northern Virginia, I looked forward to actual seasonal changes.

You know, beautiful colors in the fall; snow in the winter; flowers and rain in the spring, and sunshine in the summer.

While the temperatures are definitely summer-like, the weather itself hasn’t exactly been a balm to my SAD battling soul.

( You can read more about SAD in this post.)

The weather since we moved here nearly two years ago, has been as fickle as my cat.

This past week has been no different, providing us with thunderstorms each night.

Which is actually okay, because I love thunder and lightning, as long as I don’t have anywhere to travel to, and we don’t lose electricity.

A downside to having a well pump, without a generator to power it, means when we lose power, we lose water and the ability to flush the toilet.

Never a fun time when you have five people in the house who like the convienence of indoor plumbing.

An Old House in Need of Personal Touches

Summer, homeowner,little cottage in the burg
A moment stolen the day we moved in.

When we were looking for our forever home, I specifically wanted one that had plenty of personality, and enough glitches to allow my own personal touches.

There are definitely plenty of ‘glitches’ in our quaint little cottage in the ‘burg.

One of the things I plan to tweak (if structurally feasible) is the position of the porch swing.

Currently it hangs at the end of our covered front porch, where it gets pelted with rain each time it storms.

This makes it difficult for me to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea in the fall; a tall glass of sweat tea in the summer, while the rain falls and freshens the earth.

Since I’m not a fan of getting rained on, my hope is to move it to the interior of the covered porch, facing the yard, so I can make use of it during those moments when my momma heart is as stormy as the weather.

Putting the Focus on “Summer” Not “Storms”

The season of summer has always been my favorite.

Growing up, even if it didn’t mean a change in the weather, it at least meant I was able to stay up late into the night reading whatever books had caught my fancy.

Things haven’t changed much as I’ve gotten older–well, except I no longer choose to stay up late into the night. I’m a momma of early-risers, after all, and sleep is super important.

To help bring in the season at our house, I made a cute, minimalistic, printable to remind me that the thunder and lightning is happening in summer, and not some other season.


Get your own digital download of it here. Or if you’d like more than one option for your home, a summer bundle is available here.

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If you’re looking to frame your printable art, might I suggest this.

I pray these little pieces of art will bless your home this season.

Until next time,

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