Stomach Bug Blessings

My family and I have been battling the stomach bug for the last week. It started with our son (who turned ten months on the sixth), and is ending with my husband. I think I feel worst for him, because as a Marine he doesn’t get to stay home when his body revolts against him.

I found that even while I was sleepless from hourly trips to the bathroom, and sore from the dry heaves when my stomach was empty, I was grateful. I was blessed. 

God has blessed me with a hearty immune system so that even though I got hit with the flu, I got over it quickly. He has blessed me with a strong and loving husband, who went without sleep so he could care for my daughter and me. And God has blessed me with a home, electricity, running water, and all the things others don’t have. So while I felt miserable, I knew God had provided for me. I wasn’t sick, alone, living on the streets. I had a safe place to rest and get better. 

Somehow, that made me feel better. Even if I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach.



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