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Making the Best Life for Your Family: Embrace “Mediocrity”. #LifeHack

Making the Best Life for Your Family: Embrace Mediocrity. #lifehack

Pinterest Perfect Life Doesn’t Mean Best Life

Pinterest is one of those sites designed (in theory) to make life easier for people.

Making the Best Life for Your Family: Embrace
My baby girl’s third birthday. Homemade cupcakes and buttercream frosting that didn’t set well because it was too hot.

What I’ve noticed instead, is that it often just makes us busy moms, struggling to give the best life to our children, feel guilty for not giving the little ones Pinterest worthy birthday parties, meals, craft projects, or homeschool assignments.

Feelings of inadequacy do not help us live our best lives, or teach our children what is actually important in life.

You know, actually living it.

Those home-cooked meals you’ve made may not look like the stylized photographs you’ve found on that favorite pinning site, but they’ve filled those empty bellies. They’ve provided needed nourishment to growing minds and bodies.

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Sometimes they’ve even tasted pretty good.

That family birthday party with a slightly lopsided, mostly homemade cake, may not have all the razzle-dazzle or high price tag, but it was still filled with love. Also, who says a cake has to be perfect to taste delicious?

I won’t even get into craft projects. Being real here–I hate arts and crafts. They cause me so much anxiety, and could take an entire post just explaining the whys of that.

As for homeschool assignments repeat after me: Less is more.

So step away from the site of “perfect” and give yourself grace.

Dust Bunnies Aren’t a Sign of A Bad Life

We’ve all seen them, those wispy balls of fluff floating across our floors or huddled in the corners of rooms.

Dust bunnies.

Even for someone who vacuums every day (when you have a dog shedding all the time, and a crawler, vacuuming every day IS the answer), dust bunnies can be a reminder of how imperfect our housekeeping is.

It’s taken a long time for me to accept this next part, and I still have to battle with myself over it from time to time.

Your House Doesn’t Have to be Perfect.

In fact, your family can be living the absolute best life; surrounded by dust bunnies, a sink full of dishes, and peeling paint.

I spent years (yes, years!) of my life stressing out about the cleanliness of my home.

Whenever anyone visited I was positive they were judging me based on the mismatched furniture or the sparsely decorated walls.

Making the Best Life for Your Family: Embrace
Not actually my kitchen, because I forgot to take a picture of my sink before I washed the dishes. Again.

Not to mention the dog hair that had once again appeared on the rug in the center of the room.

It’s only been since my youngest was born, that I started to let go of that particular stress-inducer.

Something had to give, and it wasn’t going to be the baby snuggles.

As it turns out, a happy home doesn’t have to look like Martha Stewart decorated it, or that a personal maid cleans it.

Don’t Focus Too Much On Appearance

Appearance isn’t everything.

In an age where society is so caught up in what the one-percenters are doing, it might seem like the way things appear are actually the way things are.

That’s not the truth.

The truth is that some of the happiest people are living lives that appear to be lacking.

They aren’t driving fancy cars, carrying expensive cell-phones, or sporting the latest fashions.

In some cases the happiest people, the people living the best lives they can, are barely scraping by.

So how could they possibly be happy? How could their lives be considered good?

They’re Actually Living

Without all the trappings the world has decided people need, truly happy people get to enjoy the life they’re living. They focus on their loved ones; making memories, working together, sharing struggles and successes, supporting one another.

They’re not worried about posting perfect pictures on social media, or selling people on the idea that a particular product will bring instant happiness.

Making the Best Life for Your Family: Embrace
Notice the lack of decor, and the abundance of leaves on my steps?

No, the people who are living life most likely are chasing around a toddler with a runny nose, praising God for providing food for the table, and tripping over a child’s toy while listening to someone demand that their sibling stop looking at them.

They might even be burning dinner, because they forgot to set the timer.

Those people aren’t likely staging a beautiful scene with white furniture and impressionist artwork.

That impossibly perfect living room.

The thought alone boggles my mind.

Though, they might be studying the new crayon drawing their budding artist drew in the stairwell.


The Perfect Life Requires Embracing Mediocrity

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying to go all in on a mediocre life. Don’t sit around in filth, or give up your dreams.

What I am saying is it’s okay to not do everything perfectly.

Embrace mediocrity in dinner making (unless you’re a gourmet chef, then that’s another story).

Embrace mediocrity in house keeping. Those dust bunnies won’t rule the world, but the children you’re raising might change the future of our world. A clean house can happen after those precious gifts from God have moved out. Then you might even be able to afford a maid (you know, once you’re no longer feeding the hungry masses known as your children).

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Embrace mediocrity in material possessions. Things don’t really bring us happiness. Memories, laughter, and the hugs from our loved ones do. This might look like you not working 90-hour weeks, because you feel like you need to ‘show’ that you’re successful. Or it might look like putting away your screen and connecting with those around you.

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No one, since Jesus, has been perfect.

We’re all just trying to make the best of it until we go to our forever home.

So really make the best of it. Really live life. Stop worrying about how your life looks to others, and start embracing the way your life really is.

The messiness, the dust bunnies, the imperfectness.

That’s what living the best life really means.

Until next time,


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Making the Best Life for Your Family: Embrace

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  1. I love this. Many of us are living the best life without realizing it. Sometimes, we sadly allow the media to shape our concept of ‘the best life’. This leaves us feeling dissatisfied with our imperfectly perfect life.

    1. Yes! It’s gotten to the point that I have to pray before I get onto social media or I start falling into the “their life is nicer, better, yada, yada, yada” trap. I much prefer to be satisfied with what God has provided my family with. It makes for much happier days.

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