Dunking for Jesus

My daughter just became a Daisy in Girl Scouts, and she did this in time for the tail end of cookie sales. So, of course, I took the cookies to the Women’s Bible Study at my church.

While there, both of our Pastors purchased a couple of boxes for their families. After doing so, we sat around with Pastor R and he said something that still makes me laugh.

Since we’re Baptist and everyone knows that Baptists love food, we’ve decided that Girl Scout cookies seem like the perfect thing to use during our private prayer time. Take a box of cookies, a glass of milk, and your Bible into your prayer closet (or where ever you go for your quality time with the LORD), and for every prayer you dunk a cookie.

Pastor R called it Dunking for Jesus.

Granted, he wasn’t serious, but it made my day. I think that during any walk with God, there needs to be some humor–and cookies. Preferably, Thin Mints or Samoas. 😉

And, in case you’re wondering–between that Women’s Bible Study and the Marines who work with my husband, my daughter sold 84 boxes of cookies. Not too bad for only doing it at the tail end of cookie season.

Have a Blessed Monday,


2 thoughts on “Dunking for Jesus

  1. That is good. I live in California, but I heard of a Girl Scout who sold lots of cookies by putting her stand in front of a new ‘Pot’ outlet in Colorado.

    I like your idea of selling them at church a lot more and I love the humor here. I use humor all of the time, but sadly some take me seriously.. lol

    Have a blessed day.

    1. I find humor and sarcasm have always been my go to outlets. Too often people take me seriously, though. It can really make for some awkward moments. I also heard about the little girls and the “green stores”. From an Entrepreneurial standpoint it’s a great idea, however, as a parent trying to teach my children to live Christ-filled lives, I wouldn’t be able to do the same thing.

      Thank you for your comments. 🙂

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