Bible in a Year

On January first I began reading the Bible cover to cover, with the intention of finishing it by January first of 2015. Somehow, I’ve managed to fall behind, and unless I give up sleeping I won’t be finished by that day now.

Do I feel discouraged by this revelation?

Thankfully, not anymore. There was a few days there when I felt the sadness about being off the schedule, but then I realized something even more important than finishing on ‘time’. It’s reading it and meditating on the living words.

This morning my daughter asked to do her Bible study with me, and she was surprised when before I opened my Bible to read today’s selections, I prayed. She joined in with me, and I hope the LORD will move her to do that regularly, like he has with me.

When I first began this Bible reading journey, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. The few times in the past I’d tried to read the Bible it hadn’t clicked with me. I couldn’t form any type of connection with what I was reading. I didn’t want that to happen this time. So, I asked a dear friend of mine, and he told me to pray before I read. To ask God to guide me and to help me understand his Words and how to apply them to my own life.

You know what? This has made all the difference. Every day is a new adventure, and each time I open my Bible, I feel more relaxed and settled. That quiet time I have with our LORD is everything I need to make the day happier and brighter. When I get my study in first thing in the morning, the whole day goes better. When I do it later in the day, it gives me a much needed pick me up.

Will I finish the Bible in a year? No, I won’t, but I’ll learn the things God has planned for me this time through. I’ll read things that will help me get through each day, and not worry about some self-imposed time limit. Instead, for the time being I’ll enjoy the Psalms and Romans (3 chapters of the old testament, and 1 chapter of the new) and gratefully accept the blessings of the LORD.

Have you read the Bible all the way through? What is your favorite book? Could you share the verses that have helped you the most?

Many blessings,


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