About Sare

Welcome Dear Ones!

Thanks for popping in, I appreciate your time and interest!

My name is Sarah (always spelled with an H and never just an A). My home is in Northern Virginia, where it is beautiful and green. God’s art is everywhere I look, and the brushstrokes of the sunrise from my front porch are awe-inspiring.

I’ve been married to the man-of-the-house for fourteen years.

Together we have four amazing blessings, that I have the pleasure of watching grow and change each and every day.

Five years ago I answered God’s call for me to homeschool my children. Something I had never intended to do. Since that time, I have never once questioned the decision, or regretted listening to His voice.

Now, God has put on my heart to share our lives, our journey, with others. To be transparent with the good, the bad, the simple and the difficult.

The goal of this blog is to inspire and motivate, as well as to become a community for those who often feel alone in their parenting journey.

How this will ultimately look is unknown to me, but I’m trusting in Him to guide it and make it what it needs to be to glorify His greatness.

With praise to His glory,

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